Photos by  John Towner

Photos by John Towner

It's only fitting that we became friends over a game of Farkle! It's a dice game based on risk and the big takeaway of the game: "No risk, no reward!" That saying has become the guiding principle for Lost Girls Vintage. How else could we have decided to start a business together after knowing each other only a few months? Or that instead of a traditional storefront, our vintage shop should be run out of a '76 Dodge RV we found on Craigslist? We put the pedal to the metal when we launched our mobile vintage shop in 2013 and we're not looking back!

Lost Girls Vintage is more than just a vintage clothing business, it's a mindset. It's about unapologetically living a fearless life of fun and adventure. About never giving up, following your dreams, and breaking all the molds. It's about knowing yourself, loving yourself, and confidently presenting your true self to the world.

Our collection runs the gamut from Victorian garments to pieces any Spice Girl would be proud of... and everything in between! So what ties it all together? We only sell what we love!  And with influences like Carmen Miranda, Stevie Nicks, Moroccan design, Emmy Lou Harris, American rodeos, and all the amazing adventurers we meet on the wide open road and the wide open internet, there's sure to be something for everyone! We carry sizes 00-18 and there's plenty for all the Lost Boys out there, too. Find us at our showroom space in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood, popping up around Chicago in Winnie, or across the US in Mini Winnie. Happy Trails!