Social Media Consulting


We offer one on one consulting as well as group and company consulting by appointment. We will be work on best practices, tips, and tricks to best improve your social media presence on Instagram, Snapchat, as well as other social media. We will give in the moment feedback on improvements for every feed, as well as using all of instagram's resources in the best way possible (ie: geotags, hashtags, commenting, interacting, @tags etc.) We will work on how to use Snapchat to engage your audience as well as to gain new followers. We will focus on targeting the right audience, how to ger them to engage and follow your feed, timing of posts, and the right type of feed for you! (note: this will be highly focused on small business). Previous clients have ranged from small businesses around the country as well as global cooperations such as the Hard Rock Int. Corp. 


Rates may vary. Email for further information.