Meet Winnie!

Winnie is the RV that started it all! Sarah found her on Craigslist, and as soon as we saw her we knew she was the one for us. Don't tell our parents, but we didn't even test drive her before we said we'd take her (FYI - this worked out for us, but we do not endorse making such big life choices so naively!) She's a 1976 Dodge Sportsman that we gutted and completely customized (with the help of carpenter John King). Winnie has taken us across the Midwest, as far south as Austin, TX and as far east as Portland, ME. These days, we're keeping her as a city gal for pop-ups in and around Chicago.

For our out of town pop-ups, we adopted Mini Winnie thanks to the help from our friends at Happy Campers Vintage. Mini is a 1978 Scotty Gaucho camper with the signature Scotty swoosh over her wheel wells. And yes! We painted her ourselves! If you see us on the open road, give us a honk or a wave!